Economic Developpement partnering with DAA Intelegia

Over the last 25 years, Grenstal has completed some 60 positioning studies or 5-year plans for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) across Canada and the United States.

We are a long term partner with DAA Strategies, the best economic and territorial development firm in Quebec. It allows our experts to be supplied with factual and up-to-date source of information which constitutes the first key element when carrying out economic development projects.

In the field of Investment Attraction for example, Grenstal can rely on capital investment market intelligence from Intelegia (data gathering, potential client listings and benchmarking).

Grenstal created the REAP approach (Retention, Expansion, Attraction and Promotion) as a tool to generate industrial investment leads, the most efficient way to create jobs and wealth. Our clients are mainly economic development organizations (EDO’s).

Grenstal would rather apply its recommendations than simply propose them. Typically, our clients stay with us in the long term, as illustrated below:

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For many years, Grenstal has developed numerous contacts with private investor networks in Canada, in United States and elsewhere in the world. This knowledge allows our specialists to better promote your region and its specific positioning in the eyes of site selectors.