Real estate pre-development

Greenfield or brownfield, improvements or add-ons for any industrial, commercial or touristic real estate development projects rely on a multitude of interactions that have to be properly orchestrated to blossom rapidly and efficiently.

It is an undeniable fact in today’s market place that several lobbying groups may negatively influence a real estate project. Environmentalists, neighbors, lobbies of all kinds, municipal or governmental authorities may delay or even stop the best prepared project.

Grenstal is the only systems integrator in real estate development offering pre-development services in the province of Quebec. Grenstal is the conductor who insures a fast and economic input for all the stakeholders.

Grenstal coordinates engineers, architects, lawyers, financiers, accountants, surveyors or other specialists.

The pre-development period stretches between the conception and the actual construction stages of a project. This period usually lasts from 6 to 36 months depending on development complexity and the number of problems to solve.

Headquartered in the province of Québec, Grenstal is active throughout Canada. We chose a Quebec example to illustrate the duration of typical steps in a pre-development project:

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Typically, during this period :
  • We negotiate the legal conditions of the development with governmental or municipal authorities (permits, environment, zoning, etc)
  • We get the necessary documents
  • We finalize the concept
  • We prepare the documentation for financing
  • We organize the planning and managing process
  • We negotiate the financing

Once the pre-development period is over; the promoter enters the construction phase.

Grenstal’s expertise covers residential, commercial, touristic, institutional and industrial projects